Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley & The Stones

Short and sweet. Had Scarlett O’Hara listened to the Stones sing about not always getting what you want, but what you need, she never would have lost Rhett. She, Rhett, Wade, Ella and Bonnie would have made a prosperous homestead in rebuilt Atlanta, or on Tara. Maybe Bonnie’s ass wouldn’t have fallen off that horse. Mammy could have opened up a bakery or something. But instead, Scarlett did all of the wrong things and now has to bust her ass tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day. Only she does’nt know it’s going to take her like a million tomorrows to undo her shit.

Never doubt the raw genius of the Stones, and never be dumb enough to pass up a man named Rhett for a guy named Ashley.

Fidell dee dee.


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