You found what in the where?

I haven’t posted too much recently but keep checking back. I have been doing some behind the scenes work and planning for a new 2010 and I should have a whole new set of material underway soon.

I have the week off of work next week and plan on tackling one room a day to clean, scrub, declutter and throw things away. The boy flooded my kitchen and I had about 1 inch of water in the junk drawer when I realized I had no idea what was in it and I certainly had no use for any of it. Then it hit me that I had been sleepwalking and avoiding obvious issues that needed to be addressed. Well, that and I was looking for a Christmas Village in my basement and instead found a diary from 4th grade. I lose an entire village but find a diary. Even in 4th grade I was blowing hot air everywhere.

So anyway, the husband and I are going to tackle the house and hope that with a fresh clean house will come a fresh clean 2010. It’s so terribly cliché that I am literally and figuratively cleaning house for the new year but it’s hard to be a loner who plays by her own rules all of the time. Plus, it gets me seemingly nowhere. And besides, I am not making myself any promises, not committing to living my best life or getting all Oprahfied for the year. I am just trying to peel back the layers a bit and be a fresh onion. Like Shrek.

I do plan on documenting my house cleaning adventure and I am only going to assume it will be a revelation for the human spirit and everyone will stand up and cheer. Then I will head over to the urgent care for my shots because I have no clue what could be growing in that hell hole.

Godspeed to me.



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