You’re a blockhead Bebe Brown!

Please excuse my lack of writing recently. I am blocked worse than a constipated baby. I have all of these little notes and ideas but nothing yet! It’s not that I dont want to write, I do. But I am afraid if I find myself sitting in front of the monitor banging my forehead on the keyboard, I am going to think of it too much as work and then abandon it altogether. I love doing this too much to do that.

I will report that I made cupcake cones for my son’s 2nd birthday and they didn’t spill over, taste like ass, or burn. I felt rather bona-fide because I can’t bake and I was certain that my poor boy would live a life of ghetto hillbilly homemade birthday cakes that I wouldn’t take out of the pan because I knew it would stick to the bottom. He would send a picture into cake wreck because even at 5 he would know that I colossally jacked his shit up. But they were great. I am bona fide.

I am making a list of groceries for my Thanksgiving dinner. I will have plenty to write about after that.

Please keep checking back. I promise once I clear out this clutter, I will get back to business.


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