I interrupt my big fat loud mouth…

To do something a bit different today. I am going to make you read a book.

Please read This Is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper.

It’s an absolutely hilarious novel about a man who is forced to spend seven days with his family to sit shiva after his father dies. His father didn’t believe in God, but it was his last wish, so they all do it.

Sitting Shiva is a Jewish mourning tradition. Shiva means seven. I am not Jewish and I don’t want to put out the wrong information, I assume it differs from region to region.  Immediate family mourns for seven days in the home of the deceased and receives guests. You cover the mirrors because you don’t want vanity or worrying about yourself to interfere with the mourning of your lost loved one. I promise you that the premise of the book doesn’t sound all that fun, but really it’s genius.

The writing is snappy and flows nicely. It’s not a dumbed down book either. It’s a great read. Judd Foxman is the main character and within the first 40 pages, you will laugh about infidelity, death, siblings, mothers, fathers, cheesecake, and yes, flaming genitals.

The point is, every one of us has his siblings, his father, his wife. They are so likable and so complex. You think they might be a bitch, a hard ass, a drugged out sex freak with a wicked sense of pop culture. But you get to know them, love them, and identify with them. I got teary over their memories of the their father as children, and all of the little intricate family stuff that you don’t think about day-to-day. It’s all there.

When you are done, you won’t feel like your family is the worst in the world, you might even feel like there are some of them who are redeemable. And if that’s a little too much for you, there is plenty of sex, poop and fart jokes, and like I said, flaming genitals.



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